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Holds cleaning to CFIA and USDA standards

Cleaning from cargoes such as :

  • Alumina;
  • Bauxite;
  • Green delayed petcoke;
  • Calcined petcoke;
  • Anthracite coal;
  • Cement in bulk;
  • Clinker;
  • Slag;
  • Nickel;
  • Zinc;
  • Copper concentrates;
  • and several others load grain on board, contact us to explain your needs.

We can perform alongside, at anchor or underway in transit between 2 ports to shorten the delays and save costs to shipowners.

Our work is guaranteed.

Ship engine room and tanks cleaning

We perform all cleaning of the engine room as well as ballast or fuel tanks.

Cleaning of heavy machinery, conveyors and other port equipments

We have mobile units to carry out any work of cleaning of heavy machinery and port equipments. Cleaning on-site and off-site.

Pumping, recovery and treatment of wash water, oily water, sludges, bilges and slops

We have vacuum trucks, tanker trailers and qualified personnel to perform various pumping jobs on ships. A disposition certificate is issued under the MARPOL standard.


  • Ship decks;
  • Ballast tanks;
  • Holds;
  • Hold covers;
  • Sounding pipes;
  • Port terminals.

Well supported by our mobile boiler equipment with capacities of up to 11,000,000 BTU, capable of producing hot water at high flow rates, we can rapidly de-ice whether it is ships or port terminals.

Cargo holds heating and accommodations

With several high-efficiency heating units and our trained staff, we meet all your heating needs.

Fresh water delivery

We supply ships with fresh  water using our 38,000-liters tanker trucks.

Ship supplies 

  • Provisions;
  • Spares;
  • Equipments;
  • Delivery alongside or anchorage.

We can supply ships 24/7.

Shuttle service

  • Transports for crew change;
  • Transports for surintendant;
  • Transports for technicians; 
  • Transports for inspectors.

All these services are provided at deck or at anchorage.

Supervisory of cargo holds cleaning to CFIA and USDA standards

  • Guide the crew during hold cleaning operations as per CFIA and USDA standards
  • Presence and assistance during Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Port Warden (Transport Canada) inspections
  • Daily report with photos

Loading and Discharging of Bulk Carriers

  • Stevedores and Operators rental for terminals loading and discharging operation
  • Cargo handling and transport
  • Our experienced stevedores make sure that all bulk cargo loading and unloading operations are carried out in a manner that protects both the cargo and the hull structure of the bulk carrier.

Coming soon: International waste, removal and disposition

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